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Contac Safety Solutions - Client

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Contac Safety Solutions director, Brenden Connelly came to me looking for a website and marketing collateral for his newly established company. Specialising in corporate workshops and training sessions, Brenden's main request was that he wanted a professional, corporate look that encompassed the aesthetics of his logo.


Brenden asked for a landing page to open up into his site, and apart from the standard requirements of a website, also wanted a feedback section on the homepage that past clients could utilise. I decided to go for a very clean, sharp, corporate style in order to project the professionalism of the company, whilst still being very user-friendly.

Marketing Collateral

Impressed by the clean, professional look of the site, Brenden asked that the collateral follow this aesthetic. Initially, Contac Safety Solutions required business cards and an A5 informative flyer, as the company continues to expand however, so will its marketing collateral.

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