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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Aspire Group, a financial business passionate about helping Australian's start and continue to grow their property investment portfolio, were looking for a logo/brand refresh, an interactive HTML email signature, and some Facebook cover pages for their business page.

With a brief that included the words "corporate" and "green" and an old logo to go off I began by working on the company's new branding. First and foremost, I needed to clarify in my own mind what type of green was to be used so I could get a better understanding of the branding required. I created some colour schemes for Aspire Group Director, Fatima Dib to ponder over and collaboratively we decided on a pallet she was excited about (FYI it was pallet #4).

Next up were the refreshed logo concepts. Keeping the original, geometric, A-shaped logo as inspiration, I designed a handful of green-based concepts for Fatima to choose from.

Old Aspire Group Logo

Aspire Group Logo Concepts

Chosen Aspire Group Logo

The next step was to create an interactive HTML email signature for Fatima. It obviously need to incorporate the brand's aesthetic and new logo.

Stay tuned as next up for Aspire Group is a brand new website ... coming early January 2020!

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